Author: Amanda

Cosplay Wishlist

TDKR Catwoman 2011 Cheetara Maghda from Diablo III Pacific Rim sea costume or Sgt Calhoun from Wreck It Ralph discovered there are test-cylinder and rheumatoid joint pain The body contains a 300-mg portion of 47 […] Read More

Turn on Developer Tab / VB Editor for Outlook

Before you can write any code or record macros for Outlook, you need to be able to access the Developer Tab. This is how you turn it on Right Click anywhere on the ribbon at […] Read More

Require Subject for Outlook eMails

Updated 3/10/2018: In newer versions of Outlook this is default behavior, but when I first wrote this post 9 years ago it was not! This function will prompt for confirmation if you try to send […] Read More

Word Doc “is reserved by”

The project that I am working on right now is using Microsoft SharePoint.  It has some convenient features, but I absolutely hate how it does change control for documents.  Maybe I just don’t know how […] Read More

How to find the name of a DFF

If you have the name of the table you want the DFF for, you can use this query: select app.APPLICATION_NAME, dff.TITLE, dff.APPLICATION_TABLE_NAME from apps.FND_DESCRIPTIVE_FLEXS_VL dff,  apps.FND_APPLICATION_TL app where dff.APPLICATION_ID = app.APPLICATION_ID  and dff.APPLICATION_TABLE_NAME = ‘HZ_PARTIES’; […] Read More

Change the words at top of Internet Explorer browser window

When I was working in Hawaii, I had a lapse in judgment and installed the internet company’s CD when I was setting up my internet.  This resulted in me having “by Hawaiian Telcom” at the […] Read More

Change Default Font on Outlook Notes

This tip will allow you to change the default font for notes you create in Outlook from Comic Sans (a sin) to something more palatable (generic Arial or ?). Tools > Options > Preferences Tab > […] Read More